Listening To Jim And Bryan Talk About KOBO And Audiobooks

A while back I wrote about earning additional income from a book you've published in ebook format by an creating an audiobook. At the time, the only way indie authors I knew were doing so was through ACX, an Amazon-related company.

The latest option on this front, though, is KOBO. Because for my Awakening series, I entered ACX-exclusive contracts, those books will stay with ACX for seven years each.

If you're starting out, though, you may want to explore other options, which is why I recommend listening to this week's Sell More Books Show.

Each episode is always valuable, so I recommend listening to all of it. If you're short on time, though, and are particularly interested in audiobooks, you could skip to No. 2 of the Top 5 News items. You'll find it 44:51 minutes into the podcast.

But, again, definitely worth listening to the whole show. It includes Amazon's efforts to deal with scammers, info on making Amazon Ads pay, and tons of other great tips.

Episode 180 – Kobo Audiobooks, AMS Advice, and Scammer Crackdowns

Until Sunday–

L.M. Lilly

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