Happiness, Anxiety, and Writing

Happiness, Anxiety, and Writing: Using Your Creativity To Live A Calmer, Happier Life

Happiness, Anxiety, and Writing(Writing As A Second Career Book 4)

Do you wake at night, stomach churning, worrying you forgot to do something, failed to prepare for tomorrow’s meeting, or said the wrong thing?

Your imagination can cause or increase anxiety.

Asking What If? and imagining the worst possible outcome works well to ratchet up conflict in stories. In real life, though, it adds to anxiety. As do many habits writers and other creative and successful people develop.

This book shares ways to use your imagination to create a calmer, happier life rather than more stress. You’ll learn:

  • Techniques to derail anxious thoughts you otherwise repeat;
  • Ways to talk to yourself and others that promote calm rather than reinforce worry;
  • Specific, targeted exercises to direct your creative mind and imagination in a positive way;
  • How and when to write and rewrite the best parts of your life for greater happiness;
  • And more.

Part memoir, part How To, Happiness, Anxiety, and Writing explains clear, simple steps to lower anxiety and stress, solve problems, and increase happiness. It includes examples from the author’s own journey from being gripped by anxiety to a more relaxed, healthier life.

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