How To Write A Novel, Grades 6-8

A Clear, Simple, And Fun Guide

How To Write A Novel guides middle grade (sixth through eighth grade) students through the novel-writing process.

The book — available in workbook and ebook editions — covers five simple steps. Using them, your child or student can develop a story idea, create key characters and plot turns, and finish a well-written novel.

Examples from the award-winning novel The Giver and the film Toy Story illustrate each step. The book also uses specific questions and prompts to help the writer build conflict and keep readers engaged.

At the same time, the structure is open enough to keep the writing process fun and imaginative.

This is a wonderful way for students and children to learn fiction writing skills, better understand how stories are constructed, and feel the satisfaction of completing their own novels.

Help your child start a novel today.



How To Write A Novel, Grades 6-8, is part of the Writing As A Second Career Series. Check out the rest of the books here.