Help With Your Novel Or Story

Having trouble getting your novel rolling?

Struggling to figure out what's not working with your plot, pace, or characters so you know how best to revise?

Free Story Structure Worksheets

These free story structure worksheets can help you think about your plot in a big-picture way. Without stifling your creativity or wedding you to an outline.

It's the perfect balance between plotting and pantsing.

If You Want Personal Feedback

If you feel it might be helpful to get feedback on your plot, you can send me your filled out story structure worksheets or your plot outline, plus some early pages.

You can also do that if you're rewriting and want help shaping the plot.

Cost is $139.

What you'll get for $139:

  • Review of your filled-out story structure worksheets or your plot outline (up to 1,000 words)
  • Written feedback on your key conflict, major plot turns, significant subplots, and resolution of your story as shown by the outline or worksheets
  • Review of up to 1,200 words of the beginning of your novel or story
  • Comments on the initial hook and conflict, pace, point of view, characterization, and general flow of the writing.

How To Get Started:

Email me at [email protected] to check my review schedule and see if this service is likely to be helpful. Include 1-3 sentences about your novel, how many words you've written (if any) so far, and any questions you have.

Not sure you're ready?

Send an email anyway. You never know, you might be farther along than you think.

If you'd like a sense of the types of plot issues I look at, check out an episode of my podcast Buffy and the Art of Story. You don't need to have watched Buffy — I break down each episode as I go.