Super Simple Story Structure

Super Simple Story Structure: A Quick Guide To Plotting And Writing Your Novel

 (Writing As A Second Career Book 1)

Struggling to start your novel? Stuck in the middle?

Finished a first draft, but it doesn’t really grab you?

Super Simple Story Structure is a short, easy-to-read book that lets you speed through your first draft, minimize major rewrites, and keep readers turning the pages.

The book includes specific questions and prompts to expand and focus your story idea. Using those exercises, plus examples from plots as diverse as The TerminatorThe Awakening, and Gone With The Wind, bestselling author Lisa M. Lilly (writing as L. M. Lilly) walks you through the five simple steps she’s used to write every novel she’s published.

Most important, Super Simple Story Structure walks you through what should happen in the middle of the novel–-that spot that many writers approach with dread.

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