Story Coaching

Are you looking for individual feedback on your novel’s plot? While books and courses can be useful, an outside, objective, individual look at your work can strengthen your novel.

And lower your stress.

If you’re outlining the plot before you write, are stalled or stuck during your first draft, or need to address story issues before you revise, individual story coaching may be for you.

I offer individual coaching or written feedback. Read on to learn more.

Option 1: Individual Help With Your Plot  

  • Review of filled-out story structure worksheets or your plot outline (up to 1,000 words) for your novel
  • $200 per 45-75 minute session on video conference to talk through your plot, writing, or time management questions or 10 sessions for $1,800
  • Get Started: email me at Lisa at to check availability and see whether the services are likely to be helpful. Include 1-3 sentences about your novel, how many words you’ve written (if any) so far, and any questions you have. Not sure you’re ready? Email me anyway. You never know, you might be farther along than you think.

Option 2: Written Feedback

  • Review of your filled-out story structure worksheets or your plot outline (up to 1,000 words) and 1,200 words (or less if you prefer) of the start of your novel.
  • Written feedback on your key conflict, major plot turns, and significant subplots based on your outline or story structure worksheets
  • Comments on submitted start of your novel (up to 1,200 words) addressing (a) initial hook and conflict, (b) pace, (c) point of view, and (d) characterization.
  • Get Started: This service is available only to members of my Patreon community after 2 months at the $25/month or more level. You can join my Patreon here.