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Last Sunday, I wrote about why you might want to publish your book on Kobo, an ebook platform that’s very popular outside the U.S. (and is a favorite of independent bookstores in the U.S.).

I covered the major reasons I like selling my Awakening series on Kobo. In this podcast, Director of Self-Publishing and Author Relations Mark Lefebvre (who jokes his other name is “Mark from Kobo”) gives details on how Kobo works, talks about Kobo’s subscription service, and shares general marketing advice:


Mark also writes articles and blog posts on writing and publishing. In THE SMARTER ARTIST SUMMIT: A CONFERENCE FOR SMARTER INTROVERTS he talks about the 2017 Smarter Artist Summit and includes tips from many of the attendees.

Until Sunday, when I’ll talk about why managing your time is a bad idea.


L.M. Lilly

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