Goodreads For Authors by Michelle Campbell-Scott

This Friday I recommend Goodreads for Authors, a book by Michelle Campbell-Scott. I love Goodreads as both a reader and author because it is all about books and is designed for, and filled with, readers. Step-by-step, Campbell-Scott walks you through how to use the social media platform.

The book tells you how to sign up on Goodreads, add or start a blog there, claim your author profile, review books, meet people, and set up ads, among many other things. If you’re already familiar with Goodreads, as I was when I read the book, you can easily skip to the parts you still need to learn. I encourage you not to do that, though, and instead to read the entire book. It’s a fast read, and Campbell-Scott is very thorough, so you may discover facets of the platform you missed on your own.

I listened to Goodreads for Authors on Audible. While that worked fine, I wished I’d bought the book instead so I could more easily flip or scroll to review certain sections. Also, there are links and checklists in the book that I would have found easier to use in ebook or paper form. If you’re too busy to read another book, though, and might be able to fit it in on audio, definitely do so. You’ll still get a lot out of it.

Until Sunday, when I’ll do an overview of how I interact on social media as an author–


L. M. Lilly


2 thoughts on “Goodreads For Authors by Michelle Campbell-Scott”

  1. If you’re looking for technical help generally on publishing and being an author there are a couple sites I recommend.

    Nate Hoffelder has great info on his site. He also helps authors with technology issues on a one-off basis or you can get a plan with him. (He maintains my websites.)

    David Gaughran also has a lot of info on his site about the nuts and bolts of publishing:

    As far as Goodreads in particular, I’m sorry, I don’t have anything more in depth or more recent to recommend.

    Best of luck!

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