Earning A Living By Writing

If you’re wondering about how authors earn a living through self-publishing, author/entrepreneur Joanna Penn’s annual breakdown of her revenue will give you a place to start. Each year Joanna shares how her revenues break down by platform (such as Kobo v. Barnes & Noble v. Amazon), by type (fiction and non-fiction), by country, and by format (ebook, paperback, audiobook).

My Breakdown Of Book Sales By Format, Vendor, Genre, And Country. May 2016 – April 2017

This year, she also talks about box sets and selling direct. She ends with what she plans to do to earn more in the coming year.

I hope you find the post as fascinating and inspiring as I always do.

One of my goals is to earn enough this year that this type of breakdown of my revenues will be helpful to readers next January. For now, I’ll stick with recommending that you read Joanna’s.

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L.M. Lilly

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