Free Story Structure Blueprint

Are you struggling to start your novel? Have you started writing but aren’t sure where to go next?

Would you like to plan your book before you begin, but don’t want to feel locked into a plot too early?

I’ve plotted 5 simple points for every novel I’ve published, and I’m doing the same for the two I have in progress. In your Free Story Structure Worksheets, I’ll walk you through these points, using examples that include key plot turns from The Terminator (the original, of course) and Gone With The Wind.

Most important, we’ll discuss what happens in the middle of the novel–that spot that many writers approach with dread, uncertain how to keep the plot exciting.

You can fill in your own ideas for the 5 points as you go, or read the Blueprint—which will take less than 30 minutes—and figure out your own story later. Either way, you’ll quickly have a plot structure that will keep you racing forward with your first draft and will keep your reader turning pages in your finished novel.

At the same time, the 5-point structure is flexible enough to change if your characters and plot take a new direction as you write. (It’s a lot easier to revise 5 points than a 20-page outline or a 300-page draft.)

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Good luck!