Books That Become Movies

Every novelist dreams of having a book made into a movie. The article 21 Thriller Novels That Had Adaptation Deals Before Publication, which appears on BookBub, describes novels that garnered film deals before the books were published. The 21 thrillers include recently-released, soon-to-be-released, and classic films (such as Jaws).

Reading each plot description can help you spot what draws readers and viewers in so you can use it in your own book descriptions, whether you’re writing sales copy or query letters.

Also, I found that how I reacted –as in either “that’s my type of book” or “not for me”–to certain words and phrases showed me which ones signal what type of thriller. (I ruled out the spy thriller until I saw Jennifer Lawrence will be starring it. I’ll pretty much watch anything she’s in.)

Finally, as a whole this list provides a good overview of what types of concepts and characters intrigue Hollywood.


Until Sunday, when I’ll talk about attending the Craftfest part of Thrillerfest in New York and pitching to agents.


L.M. Lilly