Finding The Right Writing Conference Or Retreat For You

Crooked Lake at Rabbit Hole Retreat.

The title of this Friday’s post/recommendation is long, partly because the topic–choosing a writing retreat or conference–is more involved than it first appears.

I decided to post about choosing a retreat or conference because I’m on a creative retreat now. My first idea was to find and link to a comprehensive list describing multiple events and listing the location and cost for each.

It turns out a list of writing conferences, though, is (1) not that hard to find and (2) not that helpful.

Each conference or retreat has pluses and minuses, but those vary depending upon your goals. Likewise, which ones will be most helpful will depend as much on where you are in your writing career as on the quality of the retreat.

Playing Mysterium at the Rabbit Hole Retreat.

So before you do an Internet search or find a listing in a magazine of conferences, I suggest reading this article from The Write Life.

It discusses (a) the difference between a conference and a retreat, (b) general events versus genre-specific ones, (c) fitting your trip into your budget, and (d) figuring out your personal goals for the event.

Rainy day on Rabbit Hole Retreat.

Until Sunday, when I’ll share more on how to make the most of a creative retreat

L.M. Lilly

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